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How To Use the OptiStar® Elite Power Contrast Injector
Faculty: Guerbet Training
Expiration Date: May 01, 2023
CE Credit Hours: .25
Tuition: No Charge

Power injectors are used for injecting contrast agents for multiple types of MR exams. OptiStar® Elite MR injector is a simple, reliable MRI contrast media injector. Learn how to use the OptiStar® Elite MR injector and about the unique features of the OptiStar® Elite with this short, intuitive how to video. The video reviews the basic steps and guides the user through loading contrast and saline, performing the injection, and finally removing the syringe.

Educational Objectives

  • Describe the steps in loading contrast and saline with either the prefilled Dotarem® syringe or the 60 ml empty syringes
  • Understand how to set and change protocols on the control console
  • Explain how and when to use a saline patency check • Demonstrate how to perform an injection
  • Understand the safety features which make the OptiStar® Elite unique

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