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Radiology and Radiation Safety in the Delivery of Patient Care - 2nd Edition
Faculty: Joann C. Wilcox, RN, MSN, LNC
Expiration Date: December 31, 2025
CE Credit Hours: 4.0
Tuition: No Charge

The use of radiation is a critical component in the delivery of healthcare today. There is very little medical care provided that does not include some level of radiography to get a picture of what is being described or felt upon examination. The practice of Radiology is complex, has multiple and differing tests, examinations, and treatments. This complexity requires those who are involved in any aspect of the delivery of this care to have the knowledge needed to ensure the patient is safe and cared for if a medical error occurs. 

This booklet describes the care and safety of the patient receiving non-interventional radiographic procedures and additional aspects of patient care provided by the Radiology staff.  Patient safety is defined as the prevention of harm and is a “fundamental right of all Americans” (Kizer & Blum, nd). Achieving this safe care is complex, and there are many obstacles in the way of accomplishing this level of care.

Following completion of this program participants should be able to:

  • Pinpoint steps that should be taken to create and maintain a safe environment in which to provide care to radiology patients.
  • Name the components of a Patient Safety Program.
  • Identify the two major groups of patient’s rights.
  • Describe an example of an error’s classification system.
  • Define Sentinel Event and provide an example of one addressing radiology services.
  • Discuss alternatives to punishing people for making mistakes.
  • Describe a method using an everyday product to improve patient safety.

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